fucking awesome EWAN

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔Ewan McGregor

A wonderful human being, a brilliant singer, a devoted father and husband, and his performances scratches to the heart!

Ewan is on twitter! Follow him :) @mcgregor_ewan

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30 Days of Ewan

Day 22 - Photo of Ewan that makes you smile

Every pictures in which he smiles make my day. He’s a very funny person so many of his pictures make me die laughing. But this in particular makes me smile and feel good because is with three person I have always admired a lot and I love the fact that they’re friends :)

30 Days of Ewan

Day 21 - Favorite interview of Ewan

He always says interesting facts in interviews, never boring. My favorite is one of the latest, where he talks about his love for his wife in relation with one of his last movies ‘Beginners’. He never talks much about his family, so I appreciated the fact he has spoken about it in a very kind way :)

Here is the interview :)

Day 20 - Favorite Ewan video

I like all Ewan’s interview. But this one is really hilarious, how he explains "The Men Who Star at Goats" ;)

30 Days of Ewan

DAY 19 | Favorite Ewan GIF

Definately my fav. It’s perfect! (from scofielding)

30 Days of Ewan

DAY 18 | Favorite photo of Ewan at an awards show

That’s the sweetest <3

30 Days of Ewan


DAY 17 | Funniest Ewan moment

JESUS I’VE NEVER LAUGHED SO MUCH! Ewan and Ferguson were great :D

30 Days of Ewan image

DAY 16 | Favorite baby photo of Ewan

It schoked me. He was so cute <3

30 Days of Ewan.

DAY 15 | Favorite photo of Ewan smiling:

Ewan’s smile is my favorite thing about him. He has a genuine smile that lights up his face. Every picture where he smiles is beautiful, and I choose this in particular, because he and Charley are so happy, and the two of them together always make me laugh :)

30 Days of Ewan.

DAY 14 | Your favorite Ewan quote: